Why Business Portraits NYC is Your Best Bet for Executive Portraits in Manhattan

Quick and Painless Portrait Sessions

Business Porrtraits on Location in NYC

Do you dread having your picture taken? I often hear this from new clients. After I photograph them, many thank me for making it “painless”, “easy”, or even “fun”.

The mind can focus on only thing at a time, and often it’s better if that thing is not the fact that you’re being photographed. My conversational style will help you relax at the moment the shutter is released. Your business portrait session will be like a brief chat with a new acquaintance.

You may be surprised when your session is over, and because I shoot a lot of photos very quickly, you’ll have plenty of choices for your corporate portrait.

Classic Poses, Flattering Lighting

Comfortable poses and flattering lighting for effective business portraits

I studied classic posing and lighting techniques with masters in the PPA (the largest non-profit photographer’s association) many years ago, and have been refining and adding to them ever since for my corporate and business portraits.

Posing for an executive headshot should look natural and comfortable, but most people need a little coaching in order to look positive and natural from the camera’s angle. Just a slight turn of the head in the right direction can make a huge difference.

Expression is the most important thing in a business portrait, which is why I usually keep my subjects engaged in conversation while coaxing them into flattering positions and moving my lights into the ideal positions. Some executives “love the camera” naturally, but most don’t.

I employ large lights that cast soft, natural shadows and minimize shine, and I position them according to each person’s unique features. Used judiciously, shadows can make a wide face look narrower, a crooked nose straighter, and can emphasize or minimize many other features. Lighting should be tailored for each individual’s business portrait.

Every Selected Portrait is Expertly Retouched

Photos of twenty-year-old cover models are thoroughly retouched…why wouldn’t yours get a little makeover?

I employ subtle retouching that enhances your best features while minimizing distractions in your business portraits. This doesn’t make you look like someone else—it just makes you look your very best. Read all about my retouching here.

“Mark:  You are a genius — thank you…who needs Extreme Makeover when I´ve got you?”
Diana Reid
Beekman Advisors, LLC

Exquisite Technical Image Quality

BusinessPortrraitsNYC: convenient executive portraitsreeee taken in your conference or board room

My studio embraced the digital revolution in 2000 for the additional control it affords photographers. I regularly test and incorporate any methods and technologies that can improve my business portrait service and the images I deliver.

I start with high quality portrait lighting and always shoot in the RAW file format, which provides plenty of headroom for adjustments. After retouching, all of your files are downsized from a master that could produce bigger than life-size prints with amazing detail. This may seem like overkill, but it’s there if you ever need it.

I understand color management and other technical issues about which many photographers remain ignorant, but which are essential for delivering hassle-free, high quality images to meet every need you may encounter.

My hardware-calibrated system assures consistent color throughout the process, including printing from any professional lab.

From ultra high resolution Tiffs for offset or web presses to small JPG’s customized for your web site or social networks, your portraits are delivered in several ready-to-use formats, each with the proper color profile, resolution, and sharpening applied.

Guaranteed Result: a portrait that you will be delighted with.

Over twenty-five years of experience provides the confidence behind my absolute guarantee: If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your finished business portraits, I will retouch until you are satisfied, or even re-shoot if necessary. In the unlikely event that no such resolution is possible, you will pay nothing. Period.

But don’t take my word for it. Read what my clients have to say about my business portraits.