How My Location Executive Portrait Service Works:

Simple, Convenient, Satisfying!

Corporate Portraits and executive headshots in New York City

A great smile brightens the face, but isn’t necessary for a great business portrait

I’ll set up a complete studio in your boardroom, conference room, or reception area. Using studio lights and a backdrop of your choice, I’ll be ready  when you or your colleagues come in. (No room? I also have studio space available).

I have taken executive portraits in some pretty cramped spaces, and can make almost any room work. For best results, though, I need roughly 8′ by 15′ of space. If there’s a choice, a high ceiling helps. While I can shoot over a table if necessary, a clear work space is very helpful when a lot of people are scheduled. If you’re not sure your room will work, please contact me.

Business portrait sessions can be very brief (less than five minutes), or as long as you wish, to ensure excellent results for everyone involved. There is no limit to the number of frames I will shoot for each person. A session is done when excellent results are obtained.

Your images will be available for review online, usually within 24 hours.

Your chosen image (one per person) will be expertly color-corrected, cropped and retouched to ensure you look your very best. Obvious blemishes and shine are removed, wrinkles and bags under the eyes are reduced and softened. Yellow teeth and red eyes are whitened. Read all about my business portrait retouching here.

This retouched file is then duplicated and optimized for both the web and for print, with the proper ICC color profiles attached to each, and delivered over the internet for you to download at your convenience, with 256-bit SSL encryption for your privacy. You are free to use these files any way you wish.

And my service does not end there. I am happy to work with your designer to ensure beautiful results in your web site or print publication. Some printers require that you submit files with a CMYK profile. I am happy to provide one, as long as your printer will give me the information I need to make the conversion correctly for their printer.

I recommend-but do not require-that you obtain any prints from me. I take pride in the quality of my work, and my calibrated system provides consistent excellence in the final step of reproduction.

All of the raw files and retouched images from your session are stored on two separate backups for long-term safekeeping, should you lose your copy. They are available (for a small fee) whenever you may need additional copies, different poses, or a different type of output.

How Much Does it Cost?

View my schedule of affordable rates for corporate executive headshots. See everything that's included, and receive my brochure in the mail.